What Have I Got Into

Our house is built on family land, owned by Mustafa’s mother. Before we built it and moved here, the family hadnt bothered with any of the family land around.

Well after we moved in they suddenly took an interest in it and one uncle has terraced his land. He also built a small metal house to use occasionally when he is working on the land.

Thats the back ground, now to say what a mad family I am now apart of.

  • A month or so ago he had a go at Mustafa for knocking over a water butt. Something we didnt do
  • This week he had a real rant saying we are spending our evenings throwing stones at his house
  • He also moans that we send rain water across the road and into his garden.

As if we dont have anything to do but to annoy him plus I just love going out in the pouring rain to stop it going down the ditch and make it go over the road.

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