Crazy Weather

This winter has been the wettest one I can remember since moving to Turkey. Normally it will rain and we can have some bad storms but only for a few days then sunshine.

This year the sunny days are very few and much colder then normal, including 1 day when the water was frozen and didn’t come out of the tap. Making walking the dogs and grazing the goats difficult.

And to make sure we knew it is a bad winter we had snow twice

I accept that for some this snow is nothing but here it is very rare.

A few days ago we had a seriously bad storm which caused a lot of damage on the coast, sinking some of the small fishing boats in the harbour. Mustafa has been asked to help raise them when the weather has called down. The waves were so bad that some were as high as the lighthouse at the entrance of the harbour. We were lucky with water finding its way into the house under doors and windows.

Looking forward to some sun and therefore some hot water as it is solar heated.

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