Damaged Dogs

So yesterday the Mother in Law came up with Mustafa’s brother and nephews. They don’t do dogs so we shut dogs in the house.

Prenses had a little accident and when I went indoors she is huddled in a corner shaking. She had been very good about going outside for toilet with just a couple of other accidents. I hadn’t shouted or been cross with her as she had been living outside and knew it takes time to adapt. It looks as if at sometime she had had a bad experience.

Knowing she was quiet around other people as was shown last week when we had visitors, I took her into the garden. She laid down away from everyone looking terrified.

Also when we have tried her on a lead she becomes stone in-between screaming.

All this points to her being mistreated before.

Our other problem dog is George. He has always been very timid and took time before he would come for food. He loves being in the garden but whines when he sees us leave the house. Today he was in the kitchen because of heavy rain and hail, I walked past with the mop and he flatten himself on the floor looking terrified.

They both really just want love but seem scared of our reaction when they do something or see us holding or doing things.

Time and love is what they need.

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