A worrying start to the day when the mother dog come up to the house for breakfast but then didn’t, as usual, go back to the puppies. Instead she stayed for some loving. The first time we have been able to stroke her. She had been agressive when pregnant and very defensive after having the puppies, it got us thinking something had happened to them.

There has been a lot new large dogs around recently plus wild boar so we were fearing the worst.

Mustafa went down the road and with great relief found the puppies, 4 boys and 2 girls. As the mother showed no interested in going back down to them and in fact walked straight into the enclosed area outside the kitchen when we opened the gate and laid down, we went and got the puppies.

They are all now safe in the enclosed area.

Mother dog has gone back to being a no touch protective mother.

As if that wasnt enough Tom, who had been by his owner back to their village a few days ago, has returned.

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