Tom and Jerry

So Wednesday Tom’s owner come to collect him and Jerry as they now have an enclosed area. With luck it will stop them turning up here a couple days after the owner takes them back to their village.

As the dogs weren’t around they asked us to put them in our closed area outside the kitchen and they will come and collect.

Thursday morning Tom and Jerry turned up for breakfast. In they came and owner called. They said they would come lunch time, it is now Saturday evening and the dogs are still here.

Tom and Jerry

Fortunately, as it is the same area as mother and puppies, they get on OK. But it is a pain having them there as it means Georgie has to stay in the kitchen with trips to the garden. We also have to walk Tom and Jerry, as if I don’t have enough to do.

Now fingers are crossed that they will collect them tomorrow or we will have to put them out again. I have had to stay home waiting for the owner’s. Cant keep doing that.

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